Level Up Your Literacy
Learn how to structure and organize your literacy block from start to finish
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Here's What You Will Learn in This Video
Learn how to spend your time each day within your literacy block.  What should you focus on and how long of each day should you spend on these activities. 
Learn what a typical cohesive week looks like from what you teach when to what types of activities will your students be working on.   
Learn how to put it all together from start to finish.  See a walk-through of your planning process and how to integrate all the elements together in one cohesive plan. 
Are You Ready to Level Up Your Literacy?
You have learned how to create a rigorous literacy program that is rooted in research-based practices.  You are prepared to create a safe and inclusive community of learners that reflects student ideas and perspectives.  You now know how to integrate various aspects of your literacy program together so it makes sense all week long. You even have a schedule and planning process that allows you to create your own amazing lessons from scratch.  
But do you have the time to do that all yourself? Are you willing to sacrifice the hours and hours of personal time to do this all yourself? 
You don't have to.  You can have everything done for you and ready to go in an hour or two a week.  
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How to Plan and Schedule Your Math Block All Year Long
Sept 14, 2022 at 4pm EST
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