Level Up Your Literacy
Learn how to structure and organize your literacy block from start to finish
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Here's What You Will Learn in This Video
How do you differentiate learning in your language arts? Learn how to harness voice, choice and universal design to meet individual needs of students. 
As teachers, we have a responsibility to ensure our students can see themselves in our classroom materials.  Learn how to do this the right way.  
Building a collaborative community in your classroom is a key idea that supports your student's success.  Learn some straegies that will help support your students to be more collaborative during your literacy block. 
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  • Learn about how to connect different aspects of your literacy block together.
  • Learn how you can do more in less by combining concepts into one lesson
  • Identify where assessment can happen along the teaching and learning pathway. 
  • See how integrating elements fits together and builds a cohesive week-long program that just makes sense.